About Us

In 2009, twenty girls aged between 13 and 15 decided to create the Girls for Plan Group. The meaning behind this name stems from the core values of the Girls For Plan Foundation: created by girls and for girls, the foundation is a foundation trust under the larger Plan Stiftungszentrum. It promotes projects centered around the campaign "Because I Am A Girl". The fight against circumcision and improving access to education are at the heart of the foundation.


One significant factor which unified the group and strengthened our social cohesion was a trip to an exhibition of the Deutsches Ledermuseum (German Leather Museum) in Offenbach am Main in 2009. Our members visited an exhibition called “Because I Am a Girl” organised by Plan International. This exhibition was centred on the lives of different girls in third world countries, and also exposed the brutality with which some of them are treated. Hence, circumcision and other traditions and rituals were covered in our guided tour. Based on the exhibition and our impressions of it the “Girls for Plan” group agreed that the main topic and aim of the foundation should be lowering the rate of circumcision in Africa and promoting the education of society about these practices. Furthermore, the foundation also fights for better access to education for girls and young women as well as work opportunities and independence.


                  President of GFP

                    Jennifer Klein

Lara Fasbender

Maria Tobias

Sonia Wanninger

     Emma Stubbe

Avantika Raj

Magdalena Oremek

Sarah Luise Bodem

Hyewon Kim

Alice Kramer

Sara Özdemir

Nadia Pashkevich